Saturday, December 22, 2012

Depot Urban Decay's book of Shadow IV palette to Trish Mcevory Deluxe Double Compact

This palette is really nice, but it's too big to travel with me. So I decided to depot all the eyeshadows into the Trish McEvoy Deluxe Double compact that I bought few weeks ago.

I used X-acto knife to cut the thin front layer that surround the eyeshadow pans and saved the named of eyeshadows, therefore I didn't have to write them down. 

I used un-sharp knife to put it between eyeshadow pan and the cardboard, then I pulled the pan out. Finally, took me an hr and half to depot this bulky packaging

I used the nail polish remover to remove the glue of the back of eyeshadow pans. Then I taped the named on the back the eyeshadow pans

Enough to fit 16 eyeshadows from Urban Decay's book of Shadow IV palette