Friday, April 26, 2013

got2b Powder'ful - Volumizing Styling Powder

Hello, my beautiful ladies!!!

My hair is always flat even after I get out of shower and blow dry my hair. But still my band and the back of my hair are really flat. I'm glad that BzzAgent sent 3 of got2b Powder'ful - Volumizing Styling Powder products to me try it out. It's really nice product and it's actually work well. 

3 of got2b Powder'ful - Volumizing Styling Powder
and $1.50 off coupon =}
One for me and other 2 for my sister and friend to try it out. 

Light weight and small enough to put it in my travel bag

So I don't have to do anything much. Just put powder into my palm and rub it until the powder it's disappear. But I still can feel my palm sticky. Then put into the root of my hair. I can see the result right away. More volume and not sticky on my hair. 

Disclaimer: I'm a BzzAgent and I recieved these products from BzzAgent to try and experience the products. All my opinions are true and honest. 

Monday, April 22, 2013

Julep - Pastel Paradise collection

 Since it's Spring season, I need more pastel and fun colors for my nail collection. So last month, I got Pastel Paradise collection from Julep's Secret Store with special deal. I love Susie color for a long time, but didn't get a chance to purchase it. I'm so happy that Susie is in this collection. 

Courteney, Susie, Renee, Georgia, and Sally

Courteney: pastel green
 Susie: pastel light mint green
 Renee: pastel lavendar
Georgia: orange with gold shimmer
Sally: pastel yellow

From left to right: Courteney, Susie, Renee, Georgia, and Sally (from Pastel Paradise collection) &   Shenae, Simone, Teri, and Minnie (from Maven Box and for more info of my last post here)

 Since I got March Julep Maven box, there are two similar colors to Pastel Paradise collection.
Susie and Shenae is slightly similar color, but Shenae is more pastel mint green color with iridescent shimmer. Susie is light mint with matt finish. 
Renee is pastel lavender but is not iridescent shimmer as Simone.