Julep Maven - Boho Glam in February

This is my first Julep Maven box. Before I purchased mystery box from Julep, I didn't like that much. I like this Feb Maven box better because at least I know what are colors inside the box. My favorite items in the box are Freedom Top Coat and Oxygen Nail Treatment.

The box contains: 2 pieces of Chocolate hearts (lol I ate one already because I love Chocolate), Oxygen Nail Treatment, Freedom Top coat, Eyelashes Curler, and 2 nail polishes in Julianne & Ingrid

Freedom Top Coat and Oxygen Nail Treatment

Oxygen Nail Treatment helps my nails strong healthy growth and light pink gloss finish.
This treatment can not use with other polish. 

Freedom Topcoat is great topcoat. It's shine and keep my nail less chip. 

Julep Eyelash curler 
is extra and mystery item in the box. (It's great for carry in my purse)

In the back: flip handle down and pull it down to curl the eyelashes. 

Julianne & Ingrid are might be great colors  for Fall and Winter season

Julianne is Smoky grey blue cream color. The color seems dark on my nails. 
I picked this Boho Glam box because this color, but =( a little disappointed. 

Ingrid is Burnt Orange color. I applied one coat and it's dry really fast. I wish this color is little brighter. I saw the swatches online and it's not this dark. 

So far, I'm still happy with the items that I got in the box. Specially the eyelash curler, Oxygen Nail Treatment, and Freedom Top coat. 

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