Jewelmint: "Lady Lucky Rings" and "Puzzle Pieces Ring"

Yes, another Jewelmint pieces. Since my first purchased of mystery bag from Jewelmint, I'm so obsessed to their Jewelries. They have a lot of pretty styles. Also their pieces are really unique and  interesting

Gold-plated script "Love" bar: this one disappointed to me because the script is really hard to see. Unless, I have to look at it really close up to see the word "Love" 

Rose gold-plated clover: this my favorite one and I like the color too. ^_~

Silver -plated wishbone: also my favorite one, too. 

The Gold-plated script "Love" bar can't see it clearly ={

This piece I got for Free when I purchased the "Lady Lucky Ring"

This one is good to wear everyday. However, I would not buy this for $29.99. 

A really simple piece

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