YSL "Volupe' Sheer Candy" Glossy Balm Crystal Color

 I haven't updated my blog for while because I was busy and I need to get my computer to be fixed. I couldn't wait to do review of YSL Glossy Palm Crystal Color # 9 "Cool Guava" that I bought 2 months ago. I love the fruity scent of this lip balm. It's really soft and sheer when I put it on. I like this soft pink color. I don't usually wear lipstick all the time, but I would like a little pink color on my lip. This Glossy Palm is over price to me; however, I don't usually buy a lot of lipsticks or lip balms. So I just save money to buy the high end products for once or twice? ^_*.  got myself birthday and Christmas presents.

I'm a sucker for good packaging

Neutral and soft pink color.  Love the fruity flavor ^_^ 

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