Sigma-My Synthetic Brushes

I bought a synthetic brush set for face, and it's also new brush line called "Sigmax" for high definition. A set has 3 synthetic brushes. Also, I got a free travel E-25 Blending brush when I purchased more than $30. ^_*

F82-Round Top Kabuki: good for using it to apply under eyes and around the nose

F80-Flat Top Kabuki: good for using it to apply or blend cream, liquid, and powder foundation

F84-Angled Top Kabuki: good for using it high light and blushes or also blend cream, liquid, and powder.

My favorite one is Round Top Kabuki. I'm using it for apply highlight. These brushes are really make my skin flawless when I use them. ~*_*~
You guys can visit this link Sigmabeauty Also, 10% discount code "STYLE2011" on your entire purchase

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