Meet & Greet Beauty Expert TiffanyD

Last two weeks, I came to MOA to meet Tiffany. I really nice to see her in person. She is really pretty and tall. Seems like I have known her a long time, maybe I have watched her Youtube videos for years. I was glad to attend and purchase Limited Edition Defining Eyes palette by Tiffany D in collaboration with Sigma Beauty before the official launch date. Also, I got  Tiffany's autograph and a free gift bag from Sigma. Tiffany D is a beauty artist and been around YouTube in 2008. She is really good and such an inspiration to me.

Official release date is  November 26th
Love the neutral eyeshadows and gel eyeliners 

Small gift bag from Sigma 

I really love the travel eyeliner and blending brushes ^_^

By the way, I already tried the palette and I really like it. =p Specially, the gel eyeliners are stay very long time.

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